Signs That You Need New Brakes in Your Vehicle

February 22nd, 2017 by
Nissan Brakes


Changing your brakes at the right time is crucial to your safety as well as your wallet. You can end up with an extreme expense if you allow your brakes to wear down to the rotors. To avoid that problem, you should watch out for signs of wear and tear.

Most vehicles are set up to squeak or squeal when it is time to replace the brakes. The squeak is a polite reminder that you need to see someone about your pads. Your car may let you know that you need brakes by taking a long time to stop, as well. Furthermore, you may experience grinding. Grinding is a stage that you do not want to reach.

Our dealership at Douglass Nissan Of Waco, has experienced technicians on the scene who can check your brakes for you and replace them if they need replacing. We can also help you learn how often to change your oil or how to start your Nissan with a dead key fob. All you will have to do is merely contact us and schedule an appointment for help.

From service tips, to teaching you the difference between used vs. CPO models, we’re here to assist you!

Source: Nissan of Waco Blog

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